Road Trippin’ Solo

I’ve talked before about my disdain of trouble with “the road trip”. Forgot about that? Find out why here 🙂

Unfortunately, they are sometimes unavoidable.

You want to know what makes a road trip even harder? Doing it on your own.

I’ve recently had to learn this the hard way with two solo road trips in a a 3 week period.

*insert whiny face emoticon here*

Sidenote: I love my husband all the time, but appreciate him so much more after I’ve taken a few of these trips with Little S by myself. 

So based on my experience I’ve put together some survival tips for that solo road-tripping parent:

  • Make sure everything is within reach – because nothing is harder than reaching behind you to dig through a bag. Trust me on this one…pretty sure I sprained something in my shoulder reaching for a snack on my 1st solo road trip attempt

bag of snacks + bag of toys

  • Load up with all of the favorites – favorite snacks, favorite toys, favorite music. Goal: make them happy and keep them happy
  • Try to plan your drive to happen during a “sleep time.” I can’t even begin tell you how much this helps (i.e. peace and quiet)
  • If you’re packing on your own too, remember that you can usually buy anything you’ve forgotten so don’t over stress the packing.

Although inevitably your trunk/cargo area will look similar to this:

Even if it’s just for a weekend…how can such tiny people require so much stuff?

  • Be strategic about how many liquids you consume prior to/during your travels. Because potty breaks will mean unloading everyone and dealing with the restroom situation by yourself 

It might seem like a never-ending journey at times, but you’ll get there… eventually… and if you’re lucky they’ll be wine waiting for you upon arrival.



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