What to wear… because priorities.

If you have ever flown with a squirmy lap baby, you’ve learned that those flimsy airline trays don’t do anything to help with the whole “let’s not spill things on mommy” thing. After landing in LAX looking like a hot mess after my first flight with a kiddo I decided it was probably worth putting some thought into what to wear on future flights. 

 This is what I came up with: 

Maxi skirt: Because it’s comfy and Lord knows that with a lap baby you need all the little comforts you can get 

T-shirt: See above. (White shirt, brave I know! I was very committed to testing how well this outfit would hold up,haha.)

Note: A nursing mama could easily replicate this with a nursing-friendly shirt.

Scarf: This. Stroke of self-proclaimed genius right there. Any spills, sticky handprints, and other tiny human-related surprises can easily be hidden behind it! Also, it doesn’t hurt that it helped complete the “look” 😜

The hat here just ended up on my head because I didn’t want it to get squished in my luggage. Turned out to be a happy thing though because it kept a semi-grumpy 1 year old very entertained for a 45 minute game of peekaboo (that has to be a record, right?) 

Overall I was very pleased with how well this outfit held up throughout the course of our 5(ish) hour flight and 2 hour layover. I meant to take an “after” photo, but you know, traveling with a tiny human brain. 

Do you have any travel outfit success stories? Help a mama expand her travel wardrobe options! 


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